Terms & Conditions

Ignite Your Light is only open in the evenings, and because it is an outdoor area at CB Smith Park it can be dark in some places. Ignite Your Light is a walking experience that may include strobing lights, possible loud noises, and heavy machinery. Neither Visions, ownership, management, employees or anyone associated with this event, including our Sponsors and CB Smith Park, will be liable for any harm or injury to any person at Ignite Your Light, nor for any loss or damage to any belongings or property. All guests enter the premises at their own risk. Guests must stay on the designated pathways and are strictly prohibited from climbing any walls, stages, installations, or activations, destroying any property or pathway, touching any audio visual components, or disrupting other guests’ experience and may be asked to leave by management if found doing any of the foregoing. Ignite Your Light will operate in compliance with state and venue regulations and has implemented enhanced health and safety measures in an effort to limit transmission of COVID-19; however, all guests are reminded that COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness or death, and by agreeing to these terms you assume all risks related to exposure. Do not enter Ignite Your Light experience if you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing. I understand that all sales are final and must be used on the date and time specified on your ticket, rain or shine. VIP ticket holders may enter Ignite Your Light at their convenience on the date specified on their ticket.

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